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Net Generation the official youth tennis of the USTA, gives kids the skills to be great, on and off the court. With Net Generation no one sits on the sidelines. Tennis is easy to learn and tailored for all ages and abilities, giving kids a game that will help them build friendships and learn skills they’ll use for life.



The Net Generation’s website’s mission is to spread the love of tennis to a new generation.

Coaches gain access to the expertise of the USTA as they work with leading experts worldwide to develop new play formats, curricula and digital tools.

Parents can manage your child's tennis journey, search programs and find USTA Verified coaches. Players can discover new fun new ways to learn and play tennis.


The Net Generation App extends the Net Generation website by allowing the Player to:

Connect with their coach

Collect badges for accomplishing skills and tasks

Complete skill challenges

Compile extra credit activities

Course your tennis activity

Check into Net Generation Tennis Events


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